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Dec 19


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Site Survey

Our Site Surveyors are essential to the success of your solar project. Along with inspecting and validating the technical needs of your job, our surveyors are the front-line for quality control that ensure your project runs smoothly from the start.


Design, Permitting & Approvals

Our designers are the “architects” of solar. They provide the calculations to size the system, incorporate appropriate storage, and establish all of the project’s electrical and mechanical specifications. Once completed, the designs are sent to the municipalities and the utility company for permitting. During this time, we provide a final copy of the design for you to submit to your HOA for architectural approval (if necessary).


The moment you’ve been waiting for…Install Day! Our install crews are the best of the best in the industry and will work hard to exceed your expectations! They are great communicators so don’t be afraid to ask a question or two. Most installations can be completed within 1-2 days.

Get Energized!!


Before we can go live, the Utility Company will perform the final inspection. Receiving their approval gives us “Permission To Operate” and the final, life changing step of the process…TURN IT ON!!! Hold your breath because it’s magical!


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